Visual studio on a MacBookPro?![Macbookpro with vs 2013]

So I needed a new laptop for doing work while at FireBootCamp. I decided to go with a MacBook Pro.

Am I happy with it? well yes I would buy it again but it isnot perfect.

The good

  1. Battery life rocks
  2. In visual studio its business as usual and once I got the keyboard short cuts right it jugs along like on a pc !
  3. The retina display is nice to have
  4. 15inch is great for dev vs my 13inch air
  5. It is fast
  6. Swipe track pad with a pc and IOS cool!
  7. Fast yup its fast for a laptop I7 16GB !
  8. It looks professional when presenting
  9. Its just small enough to jog for the train with it in your bag
  10. I had a mac air so it was nice to have the same confidence and familiar keyboard
  11. Apple support and solid build
  12. hdmi out for the display

The bad

  1. Keyboard short cut hell for a week! that silly function key on a mac is a nightmare but learning to live with it. I hijacked the F keys and after some hassles its all good
  2. Set up time with the display in Parallels and all the retina things/settings
  3. The hdmi out put let me down several times in the first week trying to present on a projector and then to a nice big tv? why unsure but worked great with my 37inch dell at home?
  4. Its a mac and sometimes I get over Apple and the stigma it brings, but that’s just me and the love hate relationship continues

Some tips forParallels

PS i had bootcamp in my mac air and it sucked due to the track pad never quite being native functioning. Would not recommend it. For this reason I got a more powerful Macso the vm inParallels had enough juice.

  1. Turn off all the key board short cuts and F keys in apple preferences see image below
  2. Do not run confluence its a pain
  3. Allocate lots of dynamic storage inParallels before you load it up with software

If you run VS on a Mac I would love to hear your thoughts on tweaking the settings.