Kick off

The event was sold out with 100 Angular devs. The event came to be after a call out from SSW's Adam Cogan on the internet seeing if anyone in Seattle wanted to run one of the Angular Hack Days we have run in Australia. The call out to the community was picked up by the Googlers on the Angular Protector team who came up with a great venue at Google HQ Seattle and GDG funded lunch (yum Mexican!)

Broken Angular CLI

Well not for long. Only 5hrs before the day began an Angular CLI update had a bug. With 100 people installing the Angular CLI it was excellent to see the Angular community rally and almost instantly find a fix that got us all unblocked with the expected smooth CLI install experience reinstated. One of the benefits of the massive community around Angular is how the community are always around to help like this.

A Whirlwind introduction to Angular by Julie and Michael

First up was Julie and Michael who did a fantastic job at presenting a two-day internal Google training session in less than two hours. They clearly know their stuff as they ran through at a high level all the parts of what is now a very comprehensive framework.

Hacking begins

Next, everyone was excited to start hacking, and it was cool to see everyone opening up their personal and work projects and making real things!

Many people worked through the excellent angular tutorial mgiambalvo/demo-youtube-player

Walking around the room helping people out it was inspiring to see people who love learning and living on the bleeding edge of new technologies.

RxJS in Angular by Duncan

After some fabulous Mexican lunch had been put on by the Google catering team, I gave a talk on RxJS and observables and how they fit into Angular and where to get started.

What is coming next in Angular by Stephen

A surprise visit from Angular Core Team member Stephen Fluin who flew up from Mountain View led to an impromptu talk on what is coming next for Angular. Also a reminder it is just Angular now and no need to say Angular #!*@ (insert a version number)

It's just Angular and AngularJS

Use Angular Material to make sites sexy by Duncan

This talk was an intro to Angular Material and how to make an amaze balls themed layout in Angular Material showing off the new flex-layout features.

AngularFire 2 rocks by Craig

Craig gave a great talk on how to use Firebase with Angular which some great insights into dealing with authentication.

Lots of Hacking

With the talks done everyone was charging away till the end eagerly making changes to their projects and sharing knowledge.

Presentations, Links, and Slides

Julie and Michae - Let's Learn Angular

Duncan - RxJS

Duncan - Angular Material 2

Stephen - Angular Next

Craig - AngularFire 2

More images from Craig's twitter summary

Dinner with the team

Big thanks to the guys from the Protractor team at Google Seattle for having me and running an awesome Angular Hack Day!