A new blog

Making a new blog with astro and the nth frontend framework this year.

Ok this is crazy to make your own blog with a new framework but I was compelled to take astro.build for a spin.

Tools used to make this blog

  • Astro
  • Azure Static Web Apps
  • Tailwind

Right now this is sprint 1 and there are a bunch of cosmetic changes I would like to make but for now this is a working blog in the spirit of agile and updates can happen in my favourite place production!

Things I missed in the docs or are still to come to astro

  1. How to import a typescript interface from another astro file
  2. Logic like onClick for the previous and next buttons but hey its HTML and can explore adding react later
  3. Spell checker which I would get from an online blog engine
  4. Linting and formatting with prettier

Fidly bits

  1. Styling markdown with tailwind prose as I did not know it existed
  2. Understanding the pagination
  3. Building up the markup/CSS for the home page and blog

What I liked

  1. So easy to use tailwind and postcss and control of HTML
  2. Tiny output at 30kb
  3. Markdown out of the box so simple
  4. Future ability to extend with other frameworks
  5. No need for any npm plugins to do routing, tailwind and markdown
  6. Azure Static Web Apps is new and has some improving to do but if you know azure already it is very easy to get up and running
  7. Astro is very simple and the vscode extension was nice but no formatting was rough