So I have done a bunch of ngrx over the last two years running workshops, writing some Pluralsight courses and shipping projects.
Here are my top five picks, in this order, to learn or upskill on ngrx.
  1. My Pluralsight Play by Play Angular and ngrx
    This is a simple intro to ngrx and redux and how to use it with Angular.

  2. Getting Started with Redux
    This free course is by the creator of redux Dan Abramov. Although it's not in Angular and does not use ngrx it is a much watch background to the pattern that is redux.

  3. The ngrx platform documentation
    Now it is time to read the docs. There are lots of ways to do redux even with Angular so read the docs and do the demos, this will not take too long.

  4. Official example application
    The example app utilizes @ngrx libraries, showcasing common patterns and best practices. It is a deep dive that can take a day to wrap your head around if new to these patterns but shows a nice though implementation, with tests too. Try it on StackBlitz.

  5. Two blogs from Victor Savkin
    These two blogs are a great read to get a feel for naming and the benefits to using ngrx.

Using NgRx 4 to Manage State in Angular AUsing NgRx 4 to Manage State in Angular Applications

NgRx: Patterns and Techniques

  1. Comprehensive Introduction to @ngrx/store
    I love this article even if it is a little old now for going into detail about how ngrx and observables work. Some of the middle-wear discussion is a little dated but the concepts, explanations for the pattern and the awesome demo are why I suggest this article.

Well, I ended up with 6 but hey they are all too good!