I had a great chat today with PluralSight author Justin Schwartzenberger about TypeScript combined with AngularJS.

It is so cool in the Tech industry how open and friendly people are to share advice and experience. Justin is one of those people.

TypesScript is pretty awesome and quite stright forward on it's own. However when you try and use it with your AngularJS apps it can make you code more verbose and difficult to write. Well at least that was my experience when I first started using TypeScript and AngularJS. I really wish I had access to Justin's Pluralsight course the first time I used these two togehter.

In this interview it is interesting to hear how much Justin likes the benefits TypeScript brings to AngularJS. I often hear people who use TypeScript say that once they get use to it they miss the benefits it brings when they do vanilla JavaScript again and would always prefer to use it if given the chance.

I hope you enjoy the interview and feel free to leave comments about your experience with AngularJS and TypeScript.