In this blog I will show you how to get the awesome cmder set up in Visual Studio 2013-15 with alt + space for the keyboard shortcut. This has several benefits:

  1. ctrl + v for commands
  2. Color text for easy command line reading
  3. Open multiple command line interfaces at once
  4. alt + space open at the project level folder
  5. Open as admin by default

Here is a video demo

Here are the steps

Step 1 - get chocolatey.

Install chocolatey (if you do not have it already)

Figure: The choco package you want to install for cmder

Step 2 - intall cmdermini.

Install cmdermini with the following command
C:\> choco install cmdermini

Step 3 - get psget

Go get the in your PowerShell console execute:
(new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("") | iex

Step 4 - get posh git

Go get the in your PowerShell console execute:
Install-Module posh-git

Step 5 - Make Visual Studio external tool

Open Visual Studio and select from the main menu tools|external tools

Figure: Select external tools to make a short cut key

Step 6 - Make short cut key

Open Visual Studio and select from the main menu tools|options
Select keyboard then seach tools.external.command1 and enter a short cut like alt + space. The click apply.

Figure: Select tools|options|keyboard to make a short cut key

Step 7 - open cmder settings

In Visual Studio press alt + space
Click the green plus and then Setup Tasks

Figure: How to get to the setups settings for cmder

Step 8 - Set up your cmder defaults

In cmder set up you startup - specified name task to the command tool you want as default. Second set it up to have admin rights if you like with the *.

Figure: How to set set the default command line tool to open

Figure: How to set default admin rights for powershell

Step 9 - Be awesome!

Start alt + space ing your way to effeciency in style!

Figure: The end result :)

If you have any suggestions I would love to hear your feedback below and if you have enjoyed this blog please tweet it!